So. Here we are. Forever dancing. Spinning. Lets see what else there is.

MICE | Disposable Movement | FLOWERS


Strangers taking pictures.


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History: I went to SXSW in 2009 armed with 20 disposable cameras. There were simple instructions written on them:

  1. Develop and Scan the pictures.
  2. Upload them to Flickr.com
  3. Tag the photos with #disposablemovement.
I gave the cameras to all kinds of people. Cops, bands, people on the street, people I talked to, people I didn't talk to, and so on. Only 2 pictures were uploaded to flickr, and they were incorrectly tagged.

I realized I had read too many books about the internet and was being all techno-utopian. I thought an interesting online community would develop around those who uploaded pictures.

That is what the project was originally about: connecting people who would have otherwise never met. They were at the same location and had a similar experience, but had not interacted.

I thought it would be interesting for these individuals to 'meet' and get to know each other online, via pictures. People would probably add each other on facebook and perhaps even meet up in person.

The complete failure of this experiment brought me back to reality.


In 2010 I decided to just slap a stamp and address on them. They are slowly trickeling into my mailbox. Frightened Kites are developing and scanning the pictures. Pictures are being uploaded to www.disposablemovement.com.

Frightened Kites are currently deploying people to select festivals with disposable cameras. Bonnaroo is up next.


MICESXSW - click for gallery

'Mousing' meant having people allow us to paint a nose and whiskers on their face, and asking them to give a high five and hopefully have a conversation with any 'mouse' they saw. If they happened to have eyeliner on them we asked them to 'mouse' people for us. Some people made signs and wandered around, starting their own sect of micers. There was eventually many mice wandering the streets. Not bad for a project that began with two guys and a bottle of liquid eyeliner.

The Mouse Movement was a social art project done at the 2009 South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

We wanted to develop an emergent mechanism by which we could start a scene out of nothing. We wanted to get a massive amount of people communicating who may not have communicated in the first place. Estimates are that we 'Moused' close to 450 people in a 4 day span on the hot streets of Austin. There were many mice we couldn't account for, as mice often took it into their own hands and moused others.

We also asked photographers to tag their mouse pictures with 'micesxsw' on flickr. Many obliged.